wgso-logo-2016-webWGSO 990AM – is a news, talk, and sports AM radio station based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The station, which is owned by Northshore Radio, LLC. , broadcasts at 990 kHz with 1 kW-Daytime/400 W-Nighttime.

Offices and Studio are currently located 330 Carondelet St. in the CBD of New Orleans.


The station was originally an AM daytimer and throughout its life went through a series of call letters and formats before going 24 hours in the 1980s. In 2001 they gave New Orleans its first Business Talk format. WJMR Origin in New Orleans in the 1950s it used the call sign WJMR owned by Jorge Mayorial and broadcast from the Jung Hotel. WJMR/990 joined via the AM band on January 27, 1946. would become the sister station of WJMR-FM (Currently WEZB-FM) and WJMR-TV(Currently WVUE-TV) (New Orleans second television station in 1953).

Mayor Vic Schiro visits Poppa Stoppa

Mayor Vic Schiro visits Poppa Stoppa

In the mid-1950s it was home to “Poppa Stoppa” whose program featured long runs of uninterrupted Rock and Roll music. When WJMR-AM was sold the station call sign was changed to WNNR (Winner Radio). The station briefly became WLTS in the fall of 1984. On June 4, 1985 it became WYAT (capitalizing on the local street expression “Where y’at?”), broadcasting a syndicated Oldies format with some local DJ’s during the day.

On December 1, 1993 the station became WGSO, broadcasting an audio feed of CNN’s Headline News. From 2001 until 2004. In the station was billed as “City Business 990,” touting its relationship with the local “City Business” newspaper. 2004-2005 was known as “BizRadio 990” During this time there were local hosts during the day and syndicated programming and CNN newscasts overnight.

wgso_origPost Katrina(2007), the station used the “Voice of the Northshore” moniker, aiming its news & traffic reports at St. Tammany Parish. This was problematic, as the station’s signal on the Northshore of Lake Pontchartrain is weak during the day and practically unlistenable at nighttime power. As of January 2009, the station broadcasts UNO sports and a couple of locally produced shows, with most of the schedule filled with syndicated talk programming, including Michael Savage Lou Dobbs.


As of April 2010 back in the CBD of New Orleans, has used “Speakin’ Easy New Orleans Style” and includes more locally produced programming.


Poppa Stoppa picture is courtesy of neworleansradioshrine.com

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