Ringside Politics October 4th 2016

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  1.  Tonight’s Vice Presidential debate. Will anyone watch? Will it make an impact?
  2. Press ignores Hillary while giving Trump maxium coverage. This gives us one example of the media bias. They want to focus on Trump controversies to make sure he loses.
  3.  Julian Assange of Wikileaks did not release any damaging information on Hillary Clinton this morning. Was he threatened? Of course, that is why he had to cancel his public event from the day before.
  4. Court case continues regarding the future status of the New Orleans confederate monuments. It has been ongoing for five days.

Guests Today:

  1. Mike Weinberger, Founder of the Home Defense Foundation, discussed a recent case involving a homeowner arrested for shooting a criminal who trespassed onto his property. For more information, visit : http://hdfnola.org/index.html
  2. Longtime caller Phil The Patriot reviewed a variety of issues, such as crime and the monuments in New Orleans.
  3. Steve Sabludowsky, Ringside All-Star and Publisher of http://www.bayoubuzz.com/
  4. Ron Kennedy, author and lecturer, discussed the monument debate and the race related discourse in our country today. For more information, visit http://kennedytwins.com/

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